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Dillion Rare Moderne deluxe, Right OR left hand at the same price. WHAT

IF you never heard of. Do yourself a favor and log on to their website. Or CHECK OUT THERE REVIEWS You won’t believe what. People say about them. In the Music and Sound Retailer (Volume 23). They compared Dillion guitars to all the biggest names in the industry at twice the price. Pound for pound… (read more)

Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe Right Handed Electric Guitar

The guitar itself is in really great shape. The gig bag however is in useable condition, but kind of stinks? I kept the guitar in my “studio” on a stand and the gig bag was put in the garage so I assume thats why it stinks… Guitar doesn’t smell what-so-ever and is in 9.5/10 condition… (read more)

Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe 50th Anniversary Left-handed/Right Setup

Here is a GENUINE Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe 50. Anniversary Guitar LEFT HANDED with a RIGHT HANDED set up (Just like Jimi Hendrix). This is a one-of-a kind in NEAR MINT CONDITION! This plays amazing and is a collectors item! Im left handed, but play with a righty set up, so I had this guitar… (read more)