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PRL Parallel Alignment Putter PnP Golf Directional Putting Club Cover Right Left

INTRODUCING THE PRL ALIGNMENT GOLF PUTTER by PNP GOLF. To be a very good putter consistently; sinking putts from a range of 8 to 10 feet; there are two critical elements that you must be proficient at. The unique design of the Parallel Putter head addresses these two alignment issues. The three broad parallel bars… (read more)

Golf Putter SiteLine Incl Cover PnPGolf New 2 Right Left Hand 32 34 36 2017 Putt

Introducing the SiteLine Putter by PnP Golf. The SiteLine putter is a unique, specific purpose, alignment club in it’s own right. We all have different address positions, putting stokes, chipping actions, club preferences etc; consequently, setting up perfectly over the ball every time can be extremely difficult. As a result, PNP Golf has developed an… (read more)

PnP Golf Putter SX1 Point Putt Directional 2 Hand Club Cover Right Left 34-35-36

Introducing the SX1 Point n Putt Putter from PnP Golf. It is no secret that alignment is the main factor in making putts. The SX1 Point N Putt Putter visual alignment technology uses a simple One-Step Alignment Process that eliminates alignment flaws common to many golfers. The SX1 comes standard at 34.5 in length and… (read more)