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Sawtooth ES60 Series Strat Style Electric Guitar


Sawtooth ES60 Series Strat Style Electric Guitar. Whenever you think of your favorite Rock and Roll guitarist from the 60’s, whether it was Jimi, Eric or David, you probably picture them playing an “S” style guitar. The color and sound of these vintage 1960’s style guitars personifies one of the most incredible times in rock… (read more)

Sawtooth ST-ES Beginner Strat Style Electric Guitar

Sawtooth Beginner Strat Style Electric Guitar, comes in 13 different color options! Sawtooth guitars are the best value in electric guitar design. These highly versatile electric guitars offer solid tone, classic styling and are suited for all styles of music. Crafted to give you a great-sounding, sleek-looking, easy playing electric guitar with a vintage vibe…. (read more)